Monday, October 29, 2012

Mary Kay Starter Kit!!

Mary Kay Starter Kit

Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about Mary Kay's starter kit. When you first decide that you want to be a Mary Kay Consultant, you buy your starter kit. Now these starter kits cost $100 dollars, but when I decided to become a Mary Kay Consultant the kit was on sale for $75. So it was a good deal, especially once you see everything that comes in the starter kit. The purpose for this starter kit is to let you have some products to let people sample. But it also gives you all the information you could possibly want. Everything you want to know about the Mary Kay business you can find it there. Down below you can see some pictures of the starter kit.
This is the box where all the goodies come in!

It comes with your choice of either liquid foundation or powder. You can only choose one, so since i feel like a lot more people like liquid foundation more than powder, I decided to go with the liquid foundation. Now the only cool thing about getting the powder is that they come with a brush so that's really cool. So for each powder you get its own little brush so that's amazing I wish the foundations came with a brush.

In your foundation box you get 12 foundations. In my box I got 7 foundations for oily or combination skins (which have the color purple on the box in the back), and I got 5 for normal skin (which have the color pink on the box in the back). So I don't know really if everyone get's the same amount of each kind of foundation or if its picked randomly. Either way it comes with a good variety.

The kit also comes with a night and day cream which are the last two from the sides (the white one is for the night and the pink one is for the day). You also get 2 cleansers (the two in the very middle) one for oily or combination skin, and another one for normal skin. You get two moisturizers (one on each side of the cleansers), one for oily or combination skin and for normal skin. You also get the makeup remover (which is the very bright pink one) and last but not least you get a mascara. Now let me tell you, that all these products that you see down below are full size. So if your thinking about joining the Mary Kay business, but aren't sure if its worth paying for the kit. Then take a look at all the things that come in it, I personally think its worth it. Because if you where to buy these products separately you would pay much more. The benefit of getting the kit is that you get to try the products yourself as well. That way you are able to see if you like the products, and once you have to talk about them to other people you are able to give them your true opinions.

In the kit you also get disposable facial cloths. These you use for when you are having a party and your guest are wearing makeup. What you do is that you get one of these cloths, put makeup remover on it and give it to them so that they can take their makeup off. And that way they can try on all the wonderful products that you have for them to try. Now the plastic trays, those you use to put a sample of each of the facial products. Such as the cleanser, the moisturizer, the foundation etc. You give one out to each of your guest, each tray has a number. So when your teaching them how to put the products on its easier for them to follow along.

Everything you see in the picture below, are very important papers. These papers are the tools that give you all the information that you need to know. Everything about the Mary Kay business is in these papers. What all this includes are: an agenda (a very amazing agenda, very helpful too to keep you organized), catalogs, ready, set, sell pamphlet, the autobiography of Mary Kay herself, start something beautiful DVD, the customer profile cards, beauty books, order forms, welcome to Mary Kay packet, how to succeed pamphlet  getting you business cards paper and the brochure you use to show people what they would get if they hosted a party.. Its very important for a beginner in Mary Kay to go through all of these papers and books. Because not only will it give you a lot of important information. But it will also be very inspirational to want to keep working hard. Especially the autobiography, in that book you will find all the inspiration you could possibly need. You get to learned about the woman who began it all (but I will talk more about her in a later blog). 

Another cool thing about the kit is that you also get four mirrors. These come in handy when your hosting a party. Because with these mirrors your guest are able to see how the products are looking on them. And they are able to appreciate, the products much more, since they are able to see it. Plus, these mirrors come with an attachable tray where you put the plastic trays on. So everything is very personal, each person gets a mirror, a plastic tray and their own product to try.

Now one of my favorite parts about the kit has to be the purse. Now, this purse is HUGE it literally fits everything in their. Its all black and has pink handles and a pink pouch in the front, with the Mary Kay logo on it. It's absolutely amazing and I love it! You can take this bag everywhere you go so that you can always have the stuff with you for if someone is interested in Mary Kay's products. 

Inside the bag you can find another small bag. The difference between this one and the other one is that of course this one is smaller. But apart from that this one has a lot of compartments everywhere so you are able to store a lot of stuff. The great thing about this is that you can either keep it inside the big Mary Kay bag or you can take it out and use it as a separate bag. With this bag you get a lot of space to put anything you would need to put. Even though in the picture it seems small it's actually not, its really big and roomy.

Last but not least, you also get a bag filled with samples. You get samples of their lip gloss, satin hands, time wise microdermabrasion, botanical effects mask, freshen, hydrate and cleanser. You also get samples of their eye shadow, lipstick and blush. It comes with extra mascara applicators as well as eye shadow applicators. A foundation finder tool and a sample of their new product that they are coming out with called Time Wise Repair.

As you can see the kit is well equipped, it literally comes with everything you could need to begin your business in Mary Kay. Definitely worth the investment, because you know that in the end you will gain more than you put in. Deciding to become part of this pink world is a hard decision  Especially if your a shy person like me, who don't know that many people. But I believe that there are times in life when one should take a  risk. Of course I am not talking about crazy kinds of risk, but risk that get you out of your bubble a little bit. Even if you think that you will fail at it, give it it a try. You might discovery things you didn't know about yourself. I have definitely discovered a lot of things about myself during my small journey with Mary Kay. I say small because I barely joined Mary Kay, so I don't have long in it. I know first hand that its a tough decision to make. But whether or not i succeed in it, I am proud that at least I got the guts to get out of my comfort zone and try something crazy like this. I cant wait to see what the future holds for me with this business. For sure I will keep everyone in the loop and use this blog not only to inform people about the products but to share my journey with Mary Kay. Thank you to everyone for stopping by and I shall be back in later posts <3



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